Capatect Dehnfugenprofile "Plus" 6660, 6670

Special joint sealing profile for vertical expansion joints based on two reinforcing fabric stripes and a synthetic loop connection between both.

Field of Application

To form vertical expansion joints in the Capatect ETICSETICS = External Thermal Insulation Composite System
Brit. term: EWI = External Wall Insulation
Am. term: EIFS = External Insulation and Finish System

Type E: For flush joints
Type V: For joints in internal corners

Material Properties

■ Expansion joint may be formed akurat
■ Weather resisrant
■ UV resistant
■ Recoatable
■ Economic application in one operation
■ Suitable for all insulation thicknesses
■ With 1 gauge (Typ V) or two gauges (Typ E) for the following coatings
■ Variable used for joint widths from 5-25 mm
■ 10 cm wide reinforcing fabric strips on both sides


Horizontally, tensionless, protected from continuing solar irradiation, heating and mechanical stress and moisture.

Packaging/Package Size

Unit length 250 [ cm ]
Carton with 25 units / 62.5 [ m ]