Floor coatings
Floor coatings


Protection and Repair of Concrete Floors

DISBON has been the brand for professional building protection solutions since 1957. High-quality products and a comprehensive consultancy service guarantee that building structures are protected in the long-term. The Disbon business unit markets its products in the fields of floor coatings, car park buildings, engineering structures and sealing.

Up to any challenge: DISBON coatings for industrial floors. Industrial or commercial floor surfaces are exposed to the toughest loads. Synthetic resin coatings have proven themselves as universal protection and for spatial floor design. Depending on requirements, which can differ considerably from case to case, DISBON products can be precisely adjusted to specific needs.

 More than clean! Walkways in production halls in the food industry must not only be kept clean, their coating must also have an anti-slip effect. They must have mechanical (abrasion by forklift trucks, ants, employee's footwear), chemical (acids, alkalis) and thermal (extreme cold or heat) resistance of the floor and its coating. This is the DISBON case.

Most storage rooms and halls have concrete floors. Even if the requirements and building-specific requirements are very different - depending on what is stored - there is no question in almost all applications that the unfinished floor must be coated as required and professionally in order to prevent premature wear and potentially leaking liquids such as acids, oils etc. to prevent leakage into the soil and pollution of the water.

Appearance with style! Floors in residential buildings and administration buildings can be beautiful to look at and at the same time easy to walk on. Whether a covering comes on the floor - parquet, tiles, linoleum, rubber, carpet, laminate etc. - or a coating system from DISBON depends entirely on the personal wishes and preferences of the client.

It is absolutely clear that the importance of the parking space is increasing. The buildings, which are largely made of concrete, also have to keep up with the growing use of building physics. High expectations are attached to the construction, maintenance and modernization. Availability, comfort and security must be guaranteed. DISBON contributes to optimal parking space management with a variety of different surface protection systems.

When handling water-polluting substances, nothing should go wrong. LAU systems (storage - filling - handling) as well as HBV systems (manufacture - treatment - use) must therefore be protected with particular care against the leakage of potentially harmful groundwater liquids. Leakage in the concrete floor must therefore be avoided or permanently sealed as quickly as possible. This applies regardless of whether the stored substances are flammable or not.

DISBON Competence in construction chemicals since 1957

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