Paint It Black

Black rooms in trend!

Black is a statement! Its use requires courage in contrast to the lightest color white. This color - actually non-color - is used very deliberately. Black has long been considered the protest color of youth and an expression of rebellion. For young people it is precisely the negative properties of black walls that are attractive, provocative and different from mainstream tastes. But that's over, now black is the trend, looks cool and at the same time modest in a colorful, noisy world. Black is increasingly popular and the change of heart is surprising, because black rooms were often considered gloomy in the past. Now black walls are celebrated - they appear classy, chic and mysterious.

Black as an Accent

A wall is often set in scene as a black accent in the room. The dark color optically limits the depth of the room and gives the eye a hold.

Black or very dark walls are ideal backgrounds for flat screens - they appear optically kept and integrated. Due to the low contrast to the wall, the screen loses its dominance and is not perceived as a "black hole".