Acoustic systems with feel-good factor

Scientific investigations confirm again and again that the general performance, receptivity and power of concentration is noticeably increased when the room ambience facilitates easy conversation and comprehension. Optimum acoustics improve the individual sense of well-being and the subjectively perceived "feel-good" factor of a room. The CapaCoustic range from Caparol provides a finely matched selection of products for this, reliably covering all the requirements for optimum room acoustics – always with an attractive visual appearance.

CapaCoustic Picture

Sound absorbing pictures with selectable motives.

CapaCoustic Picture is suitable as decorative wall element or room divider to improve room acoustics. The elements are an ideal choice for room designing due to individual printings with desired pictures. The elements are delivered as construction kits.

For rooms showing an intensive reverberation effect it is very often necessary to suppress reverberation. In such cases the use of systems with sound-absorbing properties is recommended in order to reduce the reverberation time in the relevant rooms.
For this purpose special open-porous and heap-porous materials are used to reduce the penetrating sound energy.

Typical application areas are, e.g.:
– Offices and call centres
– Showrooms
– Restaurants
– Schools and day-care centres,
– Meeting rooms
– Training rooms or seminar rooms
– Machine shops and production halls
– Sound studios and music rooms


Systems for optimum room acoustics

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