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CaparolColor Compact

New, fresh colors and unique true colors

CaparolColor Compact is the current fully revised edition of the popular classic among the Caparol color fans. Find the perfect color quickly and easily, for interior or exterior application - this is now possible with the 210 colors of CaparolColor Compact. Clear, harmonious brightening series, an intuitive sorting plus a recipe for manual mixing of any shade of color – that's what makes the popular Caparol fan so unbeatably practical.

What is new about CaparolColor Compact?

A lot has changed in terms of color. COLOR: There are 12 new families – 12 of which are in the vividly colored range for accentuated interior consulting. Then there are the new red nuances, greenish blue, and "neutral" brown. Popular classics such as Terra, Graphite, or Nutria of course were kept in the collection. Three shades of white from the color families are used for color combinations and comparisons as a full fan card.

From a TECHNICAL perspective, CaparolColor Compact is truly a milestone: The fans are now printed in the company-own "fan color", tinted with ColorExpress pigments. This means there is 100% correspondence between fans and interior paint in every kind of lighting = metamerism-free!


  • 14 AVA AmphiColor full and tinted colors
  • 1 full-page Indeko plus white as reference white
  • 3 full-page shades of white
  • 210 colors in 30 color families
  • For interior as well as exterior application

CaparolColor Compact color card module

The samples in real color in the large format 15.5 x 21 cm are exceptional for demanding color consulting. All colors of the CaparolColor Compact collection are contained in this module box.

Dimensions: (W x H x D) : 15.8 x 22.6 x 10 cm, in stable office outfit