Premium Interior Paints

High-quality. Comprehensive. Trendsetting.

Interior paints that inspire the craft: Benefit from a professional product range that has a befitting product solution for a wide variety of practical requirements. Be it quality, innovativeness, sustainability, variety of colours and range of products – this interior paint program sets the benchmark in numerous ways. All products are "Made in Germany", produced with the very highest care and diligence by Germany's largest producer of building paints. We warmly welcome you to discover the Caparol range of high-quality interior paints in more detail!



A class of its own!

You can trust in this quality - inspire your customers with healthy, top-class wall paint! Indeko-plus is certified by TÜV Nord and recommended by the German Skin and Allergy Aid e.V., creates an optimal room climate and is therefore also ideal for use in sensitive living and working areas. With Indeko-plus you enable healthy living and always achieve a perfect result. Benefit from our best interior paint and experience for yourself.

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Troubleshooter for walls and ceilings subjected to intensive sidelight

CapaSilan is an emission-minimised and solvent-free, mineral matt, scrub-resistant interior paint with outstanding properties. CapaSilan presents a new generation of interior paints. Due to the excellent application properties of CapaSilan and the long open time it is possible to avoid marks from lapping even in rooms with adverse lighting conditions (sidelight/grazing light). Also suitable as a renovation paint on acoustic ceiling boards and acoustic render/plaster.

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Latex Gloss 60

Very hard-wearing!

Latex paints are particularly hard-wearing. The glossy version is very easy to clean and has good resistance to disinfectants. They are therefore particularly suitable for areas that are exposed to heavy loads such as in schools, hospitals, kindergartens, public buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, hallways, stairwells, etc. on glass fabric wall coverings to emphasize the structures through the beautiful silk gloss effect. All latex paints from Caparol carry the E.L.F. Seal (emission-minimized and solvent-free) and can therefore also be used in sensitive living and working areas.

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with excellent cleaning properties

Suitable for highly cleanable coats, inured to soiling, on all interior walls and ceilings. Perfect coating for areas subjected to higher mechanical loads which must occasionally be cleaned. In spite of the dull matt surface, normal soiling in domestic areas is easily cleaned. PremiumClean is resistant to aqueous disinfectants and particularly suitable for areas with higher hygiene standard, e.g. hospitals, rest homes and medical practices. Furthermore, preferred application areas are big stores, hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, playschools, public authorities, and private living quarters, with the main focus on areas subjected to soiling.

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with extremely high colour brilliance

Suitable for coloured paint coatings on interior walls and ceilings, subjected to higher mechanical loads. Serves as a similarly tinted protective finish for all matt (flat), intensively tinted interior Caparol paints. PremiumColor produces a noble matt surface with special colour brilliance and enhances the writing resistance (finish), if the material is tinted in strong colours.

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