Natural Wood Architecture
Natural Wood Architecture

Coatings for Natural Wood Architecture

Capadur GreyWood and Capadur SilverStyle

In modern architecture, the most natural, gray tones possible are widespread. With Capadur GreyWood and Capadur SilverStyle from Caparol, exciting products are now available for natural, diverse designs. Whether nuanced gray tones of different colors or sophisticated metallic coatings: Let yourself be inspired by the individual designs of natural wood architecture!

Capadur GreyWood

In order to copy the natural graying of wooden surfaces in all their liveliness, we have developed Capadur GreyWood. Special effect pigments imitate the different and lively effects that are created in nature by solar radiation.

Capadur SilverStyle

Shimmering moments exude flair paired with an interesting charisma. With Capadur SilverStyle from Caparol you design on wooden facades or wooden surfaces with a sophisticated metallic coating. And in combination with natural grain you can set elegant design accents.