AVIVA single hotel

At the beginning of September, Europe's first hotel for solo travelers & singles, the AVIVA Single Resort & Spa in St. Stefan am Walde, opened its doors. Construction colors, glazes and full thermal insulation came from the Synthesa Group

The typical single holidaymaker is 43 years old, a little more educated and financially better off than the average guest. A market research study found this out. Now there is already a hotel for singles in which the entire infrastructure is tailored to this way of life. It is called "AVIVA Single Resort & Spa" and is located in St. Stefan am Walde (Mühlviertel).

The four-star hotel is not only aimed at singles, but also at all other people who want to treat themselves to a little "break". The hotel is therefore equipped with an extensive vitality, relaxation and spa area. The stylish and equipped with the latest technology Feel-good rooms and suites offer the highest level of comfort. The kitchen ranges from an opulent breakfast buffet to an exquisite 5-course menu. One focus of the kitchen is the regional delicacies of the Mühlviertel, which are presented at the AVIVA gourmet club. Those interested can visit www. singleresort.at get a taste of the single hotel.

The 100-bed hotel creates around 50 new jobs and promises high added value for the entire region. Many of the craft businesses involved in construction and their suppliers could already feel this. Such as the Synthesa Group from Perg, supplier of the painting company Urmann from Traun (interior work) and the company Hofmann building insulation from Haslach, which carried out the full thermal insulation.
Full-range suppliers such as Synthesa have a decisive advantage in large projects. With their complete range, they cover the entire range of material requirements and deliver directly to the construction site. In this project, these were the tried-and-tested primers, interior and latex colors as well as the leveling compounds from the "Primalon construction color range" from Synthesa "for the facade were delivered from Perg.

More information about the complete range of the Synthesa Group at: www.synthesa.at