Wash primer for emulsion and silicate emulsion paints.
For interior use. Emission-minimised and solvent-free.

Field of Application

White pigmented, special priming paint (wash primer) for covering priming coats on interior surfaces before applying finishing coats of synthetic emulsion paint or silicate emulsion paint. Suitable as an adhesion promoting priming coat on smooth, sound/stable substrates, e.g. gypsum plasterboards, concrete, as well as slightly absorbent gypsum plasters in mortar groups PIc - PIII, PIV and gypsum building boards. 
Particularly suitable for plasterboards: The risk of spalling is noticeably minimised, when the primer is used on thin-layered gypsum filler coatings. 
Suitable as grip promoting priming coat on smooth, slightly absorbent substrates before the application of all types of wallpapers.

Material Properties

  • Emission-minimised, solvent-free, unplasticized.
  • Easy to apply, water-dilutable, ecologically compatible, low odour.
  • Diffusion-capable, sd value 0.03 m (tinting may cause variation).
  • High adhesion to the substrate.
  • Good hiding power (opacity).
  • Grip promoting priming coat for silicate emulsion paints on substrates not allowing a proper silification.

Material Base / Vehicle

Modified synthetic dispersion/emulsion according to German standard DIN 55945.

Packaging/Package Size

Standard Product: 5 l, 12.5 l   Airfix: 25 l hobbock, 120 l paint barrel


The wash primer can be tinted to a max. of 25 % with CaparolColor or AmphiColor® (AVA) colourants.

Haftgrund is tintable via the ColorExpress tinting & mixing machine system in bright shades of all current colour collections to luminosity/lightness index (LI) approx. 70.


Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.


Approx. 1.7 g/cm3