Disboxan 450 Fassadenschutz

Water-thinnable concentrate for transparent, hydrophobic impregnation of facades made of clinker brickwork, sand-lime bricks, sandstone, concrete or artificial stone. Suitable for mineral renders/plasters and painted surfaces.

Field of Application

Hydrophobic impregnation of absorbent mineral wall surfaces. Also suitable for water-repellent priming coats to increase the frost/de-icing salt resistance under coatings. The material is non-film-forming. Unsound or weathered surfaces cannot be solidified.

Material Properties

  • Easy to mix with water.
  • Low odour, ecologically compatible.
  • Reduces water absorption.
  • Increases the frost / de-icing salt resistance.
  • Minimises algae and moss attack, water stains, and efflorescence.
  • Non-film-forming.
  • Diffusion-capable.
  • Alkali-proof and UV resistant.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Recoatable with Disbocret® protective coatings.
  • Tested in combination with concrete  paint Disbocret® 515 to TL/TP OS-B of ZTV-ING. The German general building inspection test certificate is available.
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 1504-2 and DIN V 18026: Surface protection systems for concrete

Material Base / Vehicle

Micro-emulsion consisting of silanes and oligomer alkoxysiloxanes.

Packaging/Package Size

5 litres can, 1 litre can




Cool, dry, and frost-free.
Tightly closed, original cans have a shelf life of 12 months. Do not store in the sun or at temperatures above 30 °C.


approx. 1.0 g/cm3