The facade paint with a maximum variety of colors!

Muresko stands out with brilliant colors, excellent moisture protection and optimal physical properties. This means that surfaces are optimally protected from the effects of the weather and dirt such as algae or fungi. The most tinted facade product is extremely versatile. It can be used in thick layers, filling, but also thinned on substrates such as concrete or plaster.

Praised in the highest (color) tones!

Outstanding: With Muresko, Caparol has succeeded in developing a Paint that was the first to be tinted by machine. To date, no other Facade Paint can be tinted in more shades: In all CaparolColor and Caparol 3D system colors as well as in over 30,000 colors from other collections. New in the range are UV-stable red and yellow pigments, which ensure even more color stability.

Material Properties

■ Water-dilutable, ecologically compatible, low odour.
■ Weather-resistant.
■ Water-repellent according to standard DIN 4108.
■ Alkali-resistant, hence unsaponifiable.
■ Easy to apply.
■ Excellent covering of edges.
■ This product is provided with an encapsulated preservative against deterioration in the coating film
due to algal and fungal attack.