Capatect-Mineral-Leichtputze R&K

Mineral based dry mortar premix as per EN 998-1; Render finishes for exterior and interior use.

Field of Application

Premix of mineral lightweight render (structure type R & K, available in different grain sizes) as finishing coat on Capatect ETICS A and B, Capatect-VHS (ventilated cladding system), and suitable to finalize uncoated concrete and mineral-based new or existing mineral plasters in mortar groups PII and PIII as per DIN 18550, EN998-1 or the like. Can also be used for internal insulation systems (IWI). Note: Do not apply on substrates with salt efflorescence or substrates made of wood or plastic.
ETICS = External Thermal Insulation Composite System
  Brit. term: External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems
  Amer. term: EIFS = Exterior Insulation Finishing System

Material Properties

  • Water vapour permeable.
  • Easy application, ductile due to lightweight aggregates.
  • Highly efficient due to low consumption and easy application.
  • Ecologically compatible.
  • Vehicle: White cement and white calcium hydroxide with organic additives for water-repellency, easy application and proper adhesion.
  • Reaction to fire (German classification): "nichtbrennbar" (non-combustible) or "schwerentflammbar" (flame retardant), depending on the structure of applied Capatect ETICS or VHF/Cladding system.

Technical Data

  • Diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness sdH2O: 0.07–0.30 m as per DIN EN ISO 7783-2
  • Consistency: Powder form.
  • Capillary water absorption: w < 0.5 kg/m2 after 24 h, as per DIN 1609
  • Compression hardness: > 6 N / mm ² as per DIN EN 998-1

Gloss Level



Natural white

Can be tinted by the manufacturer down to luminosity ≥ 30 according to color guides CaparolColor or Caparol 3D System.
For more intense color shades with a luminosity < 30 bis ≥ 20 paint with Sylitol-Finish 130. (Luminosity < 20 is unsuitable for Capatect ETICS)
Note: Depending on weather conditions tinted mineral renders may appear non-uniform (blushing) after drying. This does not cause any technical or functional deficiency and cannot be objected to. To avoid color deviation, paint tinted render additionally with Sylitol-Finish 130 in the matching color shade.

Packaging/Package Size

  • 25 kg bag
  • 1000 kg container


Cool, dry, and frost-free.
Protect from direct sunlight. Empty silos and containers before extended downtimes (winter break). Shelf life of the original, tightly closed packaging: min. 12 months.