Capatect ArmaReno 600

Mineral dry mortar premix. Suitable for bonding thermal insulation boards, for applying reinforcement layers and for renovation.

Field of Application

High-grade all-round mortar, applicable as:
- Adhesive for bonding exterior thermal insulation boards of Capatect ETICS Systems A + B.
- Reinforcement mortar (base coat) within Capatect ETICS Systems A + B
- Renovation mortar for revising sound, existing render and plaster surfaces
- Thin-film adhesive layer, e.g. for even concrete surfaces without sintered layers, XPS/R and
lightweight wood wool boards
- Finishing render for sponging up (not on plinth, subjected to splashing water).

Material Properties

■ Mortar class PII as per DIN 18550-1, lime-cement-bound dry mortar premix; standard plaster
mortar CS III as per DIN EN 998-1
■ Reaction to fire (German classification): non-combustible ("nichtbrennbar") or flame retardant
("schwerentflammbar") depending on the structure of used ETICS.
■ Weather-resistant
■ Water-repellent as per DIN EN 1067
■ Highly water vapour permeable.
■ Extremely low tension due to added fibres.
■ Easy to apply, either manually or by machine.
■ Excellent working properties (pliable) for use with silos or machines.
■ High fresh mortar stability while applying.
■ Long open-time for application.
■ Ecologically compatible.
■ Additives for hydrophobic effect provide elegant application and high adhesion.

Packaging/Package Size

25 kg bag




Dry and cool, but frost-free; protect from direct sunlight. Empty containers and silos completely before longer breaks (e.g. winter break). Shelf life of original, tightly closed packaging: Approx. 12 months.

Technical Data

■ Density: Approx. 1.5 kg/dm³
■ Heat conductivity: 0.78 W/m•K
■ Diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness sd H 2 O: Approx. 0.05 m as per DIN EN ISO 7783 - when applied in intended thickness
■ Compression strength: 5.0 N/mm²
■ Coefficient of water absorption: ≤ 0.1 kg/(m² · h0.5) as per DIN EN 1062 – Class W3 (low)
■ Adesive tensile strength on EPS high-density foam board: ≥ 0.120 N/mm²