Tiefgrund TB

Solvent-based, special primer for exterior and interior use

Field of Application

Transparent special primer for exterior and interior use.
Particularly suitable for gypsum substrates. For priming and solidifying/strengthening existing, superficially sanding render/plaster coatings. Also suitable for surfaces on which existing coats of paint have been removed by washing or mechanical means, as well as for substrates contaminated with residues of waste paper or glue.
Do not use the product on ETICS/EWI systems with polystyrene (EPS) boards and on polystyrene-containing renders/plasters.
Do not apply in areas used for storage or preparation of foods.

Material Properties

  • Strengthening effect/consolidation of substrates.
  • Deeply penetrating to the substrate.
  • Allows diffusion and sorption.
  • Alkali-resistant.
  • Transparent (colourless) when fully dry

Material Base / Vehicle

Acrylic resin in white spirit

Packaging/Package Size

1 l, 5 l, 10 l and 25 l


Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.


Approx. 0.8 g/cm3