CapaSol RapidGrund

Anti-drip penetrating primer, optimised for roller application.

Field of Application

CapaSol RapidGrund is ideal for efficient roller application. CapaSol RapidGrund is a transparent primer for levelling firm, mineral substrates which are highly or unevenly absorbent. Excellent for the treatment of porous, absorbent substrates such as plasters, masonry, porous concrete, natural stones and plasterboards (gypsum plasterboard), plus concrete, lightweight concrete, mortar and fillers/spreaders.

Material Properties

■ Drip-inhibiting roller application
■ Easy, even, clean application
■ Penetrating primer due to new binder technology in roller application

Material base

Modified synthetic dispersion/emulsion

Packaging/Package Size

2.5 l, 10 l




Cool, but frost-free.

Technical data

■ Density: approx. 1.0 g/cm3