The new Hilton Hotel "The Squaire" in Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest places in Europe, here networks the intercontinental airlines, the German high-speed rail and long-distance traffic. Part of this ever-changing and expanding complex is a building that appears to float on 86 sloping supports above the ICE stop, a streamlined, silvery volume. In this dynamic envelope, five stars Hilton Hotels 249 rooms of the "The Squaire" have found their place.

The design of the hotel interior, developed by the Hamburg office JOI-Design Innenarchitektur, takes on two contrasting conditions: movement and tranquility. The hotel thus reflects the theme of "mobility", which dominates the surrounding area, but complements it with the basic need of the traveler for a place of relaxation, well-being and relaxation from the hectic pace of travel , quiet palette of colors, consisting of beige, soft brown and warm red shades for the fittings. Architectural elements stand out in neutral tones such as silver, black, gray and white - and counteract "overheating".

feature is the hotel lobby, a spacious atrium that is open to the sky. Here are the central elements the reception and the bar, both accentuated by wide swinging ceiling elements that remind of wings or the wings of large birds.This gesture of welcome is reinforced here by gold-colored rear walls with cloudy style - whereby the gold tone is very modern to the guest, because not that flawless, high-gloss gold of the Baroque can be found here, but a cloudy, iridescent appearance that transforms the inapproachable material into a sympathetic scope.

This surface was realized by combining different materials from the Caparol range: a leveled-up base coat, which creates the cloudy fine structure, was followed by a beige-colored intermediate coat. The visual impact is in turn based on the metallic top coating Capadecor Metallocryl, which is known for its fascinatingly brilliant nuance.

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