Object: hotel "Hyatt Regency" in Düsseldorf, germany

A top-class hotel, gigantic glass facades, prominent location, impressively extravagant interior design, over 300 rooms, 19 floors and 175 workplaces - a building that combines all these superlatives was created in 2010 in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen, the new trendy district of the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital : The 5-star Hyatt Regency stands next to its twin, a mirror-inverted office building, on a headland in the Rhine, which connects to the city center of the Rhine metropolis with a pedestrian bridge. With a few exceptions, all rooms with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows offer a breathtaking view of the Düsseldorf skyline. All of these remarkable details can be supplemented: The Hyatt received the certificate in silver from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in 2011, making it the first hotel to be awarded this award.

Function and aesthetics flatter the senses

Where powerful and expressive architectural examples impress on the outside, tasteful designs in warm colors and decorations dominate on the inside, which playfully thematize both nature and the future. The resulting symbiosis of function and aesthetics flatters the senses. It starts with the so-called lift landings, the area that brackets the elevators and the entrance area. The portals of the four lifts are set in black marble, the walls in between let Capadecor Metallocryl INTERIOR shine silvery. The emulsion paint enriched with metallic pigments transforms the surface into a dazzling surface. It can be used on wall coverings such as woodchip and glass fabric as well as on brush and structural plasters. The material can be diluted with water, has a low odor and is environmentally friendly.

Perfect wall

The walls and ceilings of the guest rooms, produced in quality Q3, were coated with CapaSilan by the employees of Woell GmbH in Cologne, which was responsible for the complete interior design. The emission-minimized, solvent-free, mineral matt, water-thinnable and abrasion-resistant premium product belongs to a new generation of interior paints: it is open for a long time during processing, so that it comes onto the wall without any blemishes, even in unfavorable lighting conditions such as grazing light. This means that coatings can be easily repaired with this composition of silicone resin emulsion and special plastic dispersion. Of course, CapaSilan is suitable for profitable processing with airless devices and is free of fogging-active substances

Hallway with flair

In hotels in particular, corridors are areas that are subject to significantly higher loads: luggage and cleaning trolleys leave traces that can disrupt the aesthetics of the design. That is why the PremiumColor designed for increased mechanical stress was used on the hallways. The big product advantage here is the reduced writing effect with strong and dark colors. The surfaces finished with it inspire with stylish matt color brilliance. The welcome economy of the easy-to-fill product lies in the ease of cleaning. If the writing effect has snuck onto a wall due to mechanical stress, it will be eliminated again in a very short time with plain water. In addition, PremiumColor significantly extends the renovation intervals and thus saves costs in the period of use. These plus points also significantly support the sustainability concept that was already planned. Another argument for the emission-minimized, robust and solvent-free plastic dispersion is due to its environmental friendliness, it is also low-odor and easy to process. It easily survives the attack of watery disinfectants and cleaning agents. The PremiumColor coatings already got a good reason in the truest sense with the proven premium interior color Indeko-plus. Due to the double coverage, the processing is also particularly light and economical: Mostly one coat is enough, which also dries quickly. This makes Indeko-plus the preferred choice for objects in which painting work has to be carried out particularly efficiently.

Fast execution

This advantage more than suited the employees working for the painting company Woell in the Hyatt: "The project was implemented at a fast pace, we only had a total of eight months," explains Dieter Wickert, Technical Director of Woell GmbH. Caparol is for the company, which is a reliable partner in painting and varnishing, ETICS, floor coatings, markings as well as in concrete protection, drywall and fire protection. "We are very familiar with all Caparol products that we have used in the Hyatt. We are happy to rely on professional quality , with which high-quality wall and ceiling coatings succeed ", summarizes Dieter Wickert. This compliment also includes the Sylitol organic interior paint used in the exclusive in-house spa of the luxury hotel.

Products Used:

Sylitol® Bio-Innenfarbe
Capalac Seidenmatt-Buntlack
DisboPOX W 447 2K-EP