"Autre Part" restaurant in Luxembourg

Caparol lights up the Luxembourg restaurant with the premium color CapaGold

The golden wall with the wavy structure is the eye-catcher in the "Autre Part" restaurant in Differdingen, Luxembourg. The warm gold tone shines on the entire elongated dining room and gives the modern restaurant a noble shimmer. Depending on the light, through the large window front opposite the gold wall or Even with the clever lighting in the evening, there are always changing light reflections Owner Remo Bei is proud of the coup that he succeeded in with the unusual design of his restaurant: "There couldn't have been a better color. It is a warm, yellow gold tone which actually shines like real gold from a distance. Many guests ask if the gold leaf is on the wall. "

The luxurious precious metal look is in harmonious contrast to the other walls, which are kept in dark anthracite. The light beige of the upholstery of chairs and benches rounds off the stylish ensemble. "The customer wanted something special," reports Caparol specialist Herbert Weiskopf. The "Autre Part" restaurant should stand out from other restaurants in the region. Weiskopf therefore suggested the use of Capadecor CapaGold by the Luxembourgish painter Reckinger Peinture & Décors - a premium product from Caparol, with which the craft can excel, especially in prestige objects in a high-quality ambience. The paint specialist had already successfully made a hotel restaurant in Trier shine. The product also gives the new synagogue in Mainz and a school in Leutkirch in the Allgäu a special shine. "There are enough gold-colored coatings, but this is a gold tone that actually looks like gold," enthuses Weiskopf.

The secret: an exclusive gold pigment

CapaGold is the first color that comes close to gold plating and looks real. This is made possible by an exclusive gold pigment that is embedded in a high-quality acrylic dispersion. "Because the pigment itself is already golden, the color does not have to be tinted first," explains Markus Wedel, Product Manager for Decorative Interior Wall Techniques at Caparol. "This leads to a more brilliant appearance." In addition, the pigment content in CapaGold is higher than in other effect coatings. The product is weatherproof and can therefore be used indoors and outdoors. The paint can even be applied to the entire surface of EPS-based thermal insulation composite systems. It was developed in Ober-Ramstadt in 2010 and has been in great demand ever since. "There is currently nothing like CapaGold for effect coatings," says Markus Wedel

Primer and structure in demand

Painter Reckinger was also happy to be convinced by the new product: “Many gold products look weak on the surface. But this color looks great, we were thrilled. "He also liked the problem-free processing. CapaGold is processed in the system: Since CapaGold is semi-transparent as an effect coating, a primer with Capadecor EffectGrund is necessary before application. This is a special one developed basic coating for CapaGold tinted in the color GoldGrund.

Structuring the paint is also recommended to create a refraction of light. This is how the gold effect really comes into its own. The shimmering silk coating can be processed extremely creatively: CapaGold can be easily filled, brushed, dabbed and rolled on a structured surface, including plaster, both inside and outside. The rougher the surface, the more homogeneous the result. The paint can be applied with a roller on smooth surfaces, but it must then be smoothed using a final technique.

For the "Autre Part", a carpenter had already commissioned the wavy, profiled wooden cassette wall made of several 40 by 50 centimeter elements. These were first primed with the Capalac Aqua Multiprimer to block off substances in the wood. This created an ideal base for coating with EffektGrund and CapaGold, Reckinger had one of the wooden cassettes painted in advance to test it, and the result confirmed the right choice of product.

The other inner walls were smooth. They were provided with the organic, quartz-filled MultiStructure Medium coating and structured with the ArteTwin special trowel tool developed by Caparol. Then the tinted EffectGrund and CapaGold were applied with the glaze brush in a cloister. Punching and brush stroke together convey the very special effect of the new gold color. The painter also coated the previously inconspicuous and rather cool looking metal plates on the walls and ceiling in the entrance area of the restaurant with Capalac Aqua Multiprimer, EffectGrund and CapaGold in a cross lay. The guests are already greeted by a warm gold sheen and get a first impression of the original design that awaits them in the restaurant.

Products Used:

ArteTwin Spezialkelle
Capadecor CapaGold
Capadecor EffektGrund
Capalac Aqua Multiprimer