Capatect-ZF-Spachtel 699

Emulsion-based, textured renders for exterior use as per DIN EN 15842

Field of Application

Reinforcement compound for use within the Capatect ETICS System B. Surfacer for plaster renovation. Suitable for mounting edge profiles.

Material Properties

  • Ready-to-use and easy to apply
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good fresh mortar stability
  • Low shrink tension
  • Water dilutable
  • Water repellent

Packaging/Package Size

20 kg bucket and 600 kg BigDrum.


Light beige


Cool, dry, frost-free and protected from direct sunlight.

Technical Data


approx. 1.3 kg/dm3

Diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness sdH2O

approx. 0.5 m as per DIN EN 7783; for a 3 mm thick layer, Class V2 (medium) as per DIN EN 1062

Water permeability (w-value)

< 0.05 kg/(m2 · h0.5) as per DIN EN 1062, Class W3 (low)

Fire behaviour

German classification "schwerentflammbar" – B1 (flame-retardant)



Shock resistance / Impact strength

up to 15 joule for a 3 mm reinforcement layer thickness