Capatect Leichtgrundputz 170

Light mineral plaster for exterior and interior use

Field of Application

Light mineral plaster mix for leveling surfaces and preparing bases from cellular and light concrete (gas silicate, expanded clay concrete, foam concrete) for subsequent finishing when performing external and internal works. It is recommended for plastering work during the restoration of architectural monuments.

Material Properties

  • Resistant to shrinkage cracks (reinforced with fiber)
  • convenient in drawing and processing
  • high vapor permeability
  • low consumption
  • weather resistant
  • light plaster mix according to STB 1307
  • does not require reinforcement on homogeneous surfaces


A mixture of mineral binders (cement, lime), mineral fillers, modifying additives, fiber.

Packaging/Package Size

25 kg bag


Light gray


Dry and cool, but frost-free; protect from direct sunlight. Empty containers and silos completely before longer breaks (e.g. winter break). Shelf life of original, tightly closed packaging: Approx. 12 months.

Technical Data

  •  vapor permeability coefficient: not less than 0.07 mg / (m • h • Pa)
  •  adhesive strength of the solution with the base: about 0.5 MPa
  •  bulk density: about 1060 kg / m3
  •  compressive strength: not less than 3.5 MPa
  •  frost resistance grade: F150
  •  average density of the solution at the design age: about 1295 kg / m3