Capatect Klebe und Armierungsmasse 186M

Fast-curing, mineral dry mortar premix for bonding thermal insulation boards and for embedding reinforcing fabrics.

Field of Application

Bonding of insulation boards and embedding reinforcement mesh, particularly for machine application. Suitable for use within Capatect ETICS.

Material Properties

  • Reaction to fire: A2-s1,d0, Non-combustible
  • Normal plaster mortar as per DIN EN 998-1
  • Weather-proof, water-repellent to DIN 18 550
  • High water vapour diffusion
  • Long open time for application
  • High fresh mortar stability
  • Ecologically compatible
  • Optimised granulometric formular
  • Mineral binder, cement-based with adhesion promoter
  • Balanced copound of quartz and calcite fillers
  • Additives for smooth processing

Packaging/Package Size

25 kg bag


Light grey


Dry, cool, frost-free and protected from direct sunlight.
Low chromate content: 12 months. 
Shelf life: Approx. 1 year in tightly closed, original packaging.

Technical Data

Heat conductivity

0.7 W/(m · K)

Bulk density

ca. 1.5 kg/dm3

Resistance-count for diffusion µ (H2O)

µ < 25

Diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness sdH2O

sd < 0,1 m for a 3 mm thick layer as per DIN EN ISO 7783

Compression strength

Class CS IV as per DIN EN 998-1

Adesive tensile strength

≥ 0,08 N/mm2 as per DIN EN 998-1

Fire behaviour

A2-s1,d0 as per DIN EN 13501-1
German classification for ETICS : "nichtbrennbar” (non-combustible) or "schwerentflammbar” (flame retardant) according to the other Capatect ETICS components.

Coefficient of water absorption

w < 0.2 kg/(m2 · h0,5) as per DIN EN 1062

Capillary water absorption

Class W2 as per DIN EN 998-1