Capalith Fassaden-Feinspachtel

Fine grained putty for facades

Field of Application

Caparol Fassaden-Capalith Feinspachtel P mineral powdery filler facade - rough and uneven surface finishing coat damaged stucco and concrete surface scraping. The walls of the visible part of aerated concrete and finishing coat. Fine and smooth facade building. Max. thickness of 0-5 mm. Base material -Mineral binders.

Rough and uneven surface for filling, damaged plaster and concrete surface leveling. Viewable walls, aerated concrete and concrete for filling. Fine and smooth facade building.

Material Properties

  • water-repellent

  • resistant to weathering

  • no shrinking

  • does not swell with moisture

  • easy to apply

  • good adhesion to the substrate

  • fold-out to "zero"

  • possible sanding after complete drying

Material Base / Vehicle

mineral binders

Packaging/Package Size

25kg paper bags

Technical Data

  • Colour: naturally white
  • Max. grain size: 0,2 mm
  • Dry material (powder) density: approx. 1,4 kg / dm³
  • Prepared material density: approx. 1,7 kg / dm³
  • Consumption: Approx. 1400-1500 g / m² / mm layer thickness