Caparol Samtex 3

Matt latex wall paint

Field of Application

To perform smooth , retaining the structure of substrates liners with an elegant , matte appearance. Because Samtex 3  is emission-free paint containing no solvents and is recommended especially for office and residential space with improved hygiene and sanitary requirements .

Also recommended for painting embossed wallpaper , wallpapers rauhfaser type and fiberglass shell Capaver as brilliantly exposing their structure.

Material Properties

  • A waterborne, low odor.
  • High degree of whiteness.
  • Diffusion of water vapor.
  • Easy to apply
  • Emission-free and solvent-free

Material Base / Vehicle

Synthetic latex according to DIN 55 945

Packaging/Package Size

2.5 l , 5 l, 10 l , 15 l


White (base 1 )

Transparent ( base 3) may be used only after staining .

The paint Samtex 3 ELF base 1 can be colored using dyes AVA - Amphibolin -und Abtönfarben or
CaparolColor (formerly CaparolColor ) . Active Isolated colored material before use to mix with each
other in order to avoid possible color differences . When buying min . 300 liters in one shade , on
request , can be supplied pre- colored material .

Paint Samtex 3 ELF suitable for dyeing machine ColorExpress . Clean , bright colors such as yellow ,
orange, red , etc. are not always fully opaque . Therefore, when choosing these colors is
recommended to prepare the ground color by repainting it close opaque , pastel colors based on
white . You may need to also incorporate an additional layer opacity .

Gloss Level

Deep matt ( according to DIN EN 13 300 ) .


Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.

Technical Data

  • Wet abrasion: Wet scrub resistance Class 2
  • Contrast ratio: Class 3 at a yield of 7.5 m2 / l , ie about 135 ml/m2
  • Maximum particle (grit) size: ( granulation) : Small (<100 microns )