Sylitol® Finish 130

Silicate-based, weather-resistant facade paints, suitable for equalising coats.

Field of Application

Ready-to-use facade paint, based on potassium silicate and organic stabilisers.
Sylitol® Finish 130/Sylitol® Finish 130-W is a weather-resistant facade coating, offering good opacity (hiding/covering power) and a high degree of whiteness, non-fading pigmentation, and is highly capable of capillary diffusion. Suitable for use on unpainted mineral renders/plasters, solid natural stones free from efflorescence, and fairfaced sand-lime brickwork. Also suitable for the renovation of existing, stable coatings of silicate paints and renders/plasters and for applying equalising coats on tinted Sylitol® facade renders, Capatect-Mineral-Leichtputze and Capatect-Mineralputze (mineral renders).

Sylitol® Finish 130-W is provided with a preservative against deterioration in the coating film due to fungal (fungi/mildew/mould) and algal attack.

Material Properties

  • Weather-resistant.
  • Allows sorption.
  • CO2-permeable.
  • Doubly-silificating, quartz-reinforced.
  • Proper adhesion due to silicification on mineral substrates.
  • Easy to apply.

Packaging/Package Size

Sylitol® Finish 130

  • Standard product: 15 litres
  • ColorExpress: 1.25 litre, 7.5 litres, 12.5 litres

Sylitol® Finish 130-W

  • Standardware: 15 litres



Sylitol® Finish 130 (white standard product) is tintable with Histolith colourants (limitedly) and ColorExpress products can be tinted (limitedly) to all current colour collections via the ColorExpress tinting & mixing machine system.
White standard product Sylitol® Finish 130-W can be tinted with Histolith colourants. 
Quantities of 100 litres or more in individual colour shades may be ordered ready-tinted ex factory. Check tinted product before applying in order to avoid colour differences. Always use  tinted paint of same batch, when applying on seamless surfaces. Brilliant, intensive colour shades may have a lower opacity (hiding/covering power). It is therefore advisable to apply a first coat in a similar hiding pastel tint, based on white. A second finishing coat may be necessary.

Colour Resistance according to BFS Data Sheet No. 26:
Binder / Class:  B
Pigmentation / Group: 1

Gloss Level

Matt, G3


Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.
Keep partially used containers tightly closed. Keep product only in plastic containers.
Shelf life: approx. 12 months.

Technical Data

Characteristics according to DIN EN 1062: Tinting may cause variations.

Maximum particle (grit) size

< 100 µm, S1


Approx. 1.5 g/cm3

Dry film thickness

100 - 200 µm, E3

Water permeability (w-value)

≤ 0.1 (0.08) [kg/(m2 · h0,5)] (low), W3

Water vapour permeability (sd-value)

< 0.14 (0.02) m (high), V1

Supplementary Product

Sylitol® Konzentrat 111, Sylitol® Minera

Suitability according to Technical Information No. 606 Definition of Application Areas