Capamur Finish

Siloxane reinforced,weather-resistant, pollutant resistant facade paint withfungicidal coating.

Field of Application

Waterproof, pollution-resistant facadepaint. Provides a long façade Protection from fungus and moss. The siloxane additive provides optimal waterproofing with good vapor permeability and sufficient carbon dioxide permeability.Used for paint new or for renewing old stable mineral and polymer-mineral plaster coatings of class PIII on cement and cement-lime binder, matt water-dispersion plaster coatings, as well as repainting most old matt water-dispersion paint coatings with a load-bearing capacity.Well suited for painting mortar systems for insulating facades ETICS/Lightweight Plaster Insulation System, as it suppresses fungal and algal damage to the walls. The product has a very low water permeability, which prevents the insulation plates from getting wet.

Material Properties

■ Weather-resistant

■ Keeps surfaces dry: has very low value of permeability to water w < 0,015 kg/(m2*h0,5) class W3 DIN EN 1062

■ Protects from grey or green depositsas a result of growth of fungi and algae: antifungal resistance

■ With good vapor permeability (class V2 according to DIN EN 1062), suitable for use in thermal insulation systems ETICS/Lightweight Plaster Insulation System

■ Water-soluble

■ Environmentally friendly

Packaging/Package Size

  • Base 1:  10 L
  • Base 3:  9.4 L


  • Base 1: white;

Machine tinted using the ColorExpress system in all common shades of color collections. Base 1 can also be hand-tinted in pastel shades with the usual AVA dispersion-based full-tone and tinting paints -AmphiColor Vollton-undAbtönfarben. When tinting by hand, mix as much paint as needed to avoid color differences. Base 1 can also be used for white coatings.

To exclude a possible error during tinting, prior to application it is necessary to check accuracy of color shade. Apply material from the same batch to contacting surfaces. Vibrant, intensive colors in certain circumstances may have less covering capacity.For this purpose,it is recommended to precoat with comparable pastel color shades onthe basis of white color. Additionallayermaybenecessary.

For uniform color shade the base must be uniformly absorbent.

Gloss Level


Technical Data

  • Maximum particle (grit) size:

           <100 mm; S1

  • Density: 


  • Dry layer thickness:

           100-200 µm, E3

  • Diffusion coefficient equivalent to air layer thickness sdH2O SD value:

           0.78 m in layer thickness approx. 200 μm, medium, V2

  • Water permeability (w):  

          0.014 kg / (m2✱h0.5), low, W3