For weather-resistant coatings on mineral Exterior surfaces.

Field of Application

Weather-resistant, environmentally friendly emulsion paint for facades, for white and colored coatings.

Material Properties

  • no thermo-plasticity
  • Low surface tension
  • non-film-forming
  • micro-porous
  • Permeable to CO2
  • Resistant to aggressive air pollutants
  • Water repellent
  • Good covering power
  • Reduces tendency of facades to dirt

Material Base / Vehicle

Synthetic resin dispersion

Packaging/Package Size

2.5 l, 10 l


The paint AcrylFassadenfarbe can be colored using dyes alone AVA - Amphibolin -und Abtönfarben
differences . When buying min . 100 liters in one shade , on request , can be supplied pre- colored
material . Suitable for dyeing machine ColorExpress .

Gloss Level


Technical Data

■ Density: 1,55 g / cm³