Capatect Gewebe Eckschutz 656,657

Edge protecting glas fabric profile with interior backing

Field of Application

Reinforcement fabric angle, used as edge protection and as gauge within the Capatect ETICS
SystemsETICS = External Thermal Insulation Composite System
Brit. term: EWI = External Wall Insulation
Am. term: EIFS = External Insulation and Finish System

For embedding in reinforcing mortars and surfacers:
■ Capatect-Klebe- und Spachtelmasse 190
■ Capatect-Klebe- und Armierungsmasse 186M
■ Capatect-Klebe- und Armierungsmasse 133 Leicht
■ Capatect-ArmaReno 700
■ Capatect-CS-Armierungsmörtel 850
■ Capatect-ZF-Spachtel 699
■ CarbonSpachtel
■ CarboNit

Material Properties

■ Glas fabric angle with synthetic inner side backing
■ Edges can be prepared very exactly
■ Overlaps fabric from both sides - no special fabric folding around the edges
■ Reveals and window leading edges can be treated in one step
■ High standard glas fabric quality made from Capatect-Gewebe 650




Dry, protected from moisture