Capalac Dickschichtlack

High solid, anti-corrosive metal protective enamel for priming, intermediate and finishing coats. For exterior and interior use.

Capacryl PU-Gloss, PU-Satin

High-grade, scratch resistant and shock-proof polyurethane-
acrylic enamels for exterior and interior use.

Capadur F7-LangzeitLasur

Medium build, highly weatherproof wood stain with UV protection. For exterior and interior use.

Capadur DecorLasur

Water-dilutable, polyurethane-based wood stain/glazing. For exterior and interior use.

Capacryl Holzschutz-Grund

For impregnating priming coats on dimensionally stable wood, e.g. windows and doors. Only for exterior use.

Capadur Parkett- und SiegelLack

One-component, transparent sealer for parquet flooring, wooden & enamel surfaces. For interior use.

Capalac Fußbodenlack

Glossy alkyd enamel for interior wood floors.

Capadur GreyWood

Highly pigmented, water-dilutable wood stain for exterior use.
The natural greying effect of wood will be imitated with selected shades of grey. Suitable for dimensionally stable or limited stable wood and wooden parts of unstable shape.

Capalac AllGrund

Fast-drying anti-corrosion primer with excellent adhesion.

Capacryl Haftprimer

Acrylic primer. Adhesion promoting, water-dilutable. For exterior and interior use.

Capalac Effektlack

Two-component, alkyd-resin based, metallic and nacreous
spraying enamel. For exterior and interior use.

Capalac PU-Härter

Additive for alkyd enamels to accelerate drying and
enhance the resistance to chemical and mechanical loads.