Capalac Effektlack

Two-component, alkyd-resin based, metallic and nacreous spraying enamel.

For exterior and interior use.

Field of Application

Suitable for impressive metallic effect and elegant nacreous coatings, generating a remarkable colouring on dimensionally stable wooden parts, metal and unplasticized (rigid) PVC, exteriors and interiors.

Material Properties

  • High-quality, noble surface.
  • Free of aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Resistant to common household detergents.
  • High weather resistance and lightfastness.

Material Base / Vehicle

Alkyd-resin with non-aromatic solvents

Packaging/Package Size

  • Capalac Effektlack (Effect Enamel) Metallic Silver approx. RAL 9006:
    375 ml, 750 ml, 2.5 litres
  • Capalac Effektlack Metallic Gold, Copper:
    375 ml, 750 ml
  • Capalac mix Effektlack Perlglanz (effect enamel with pearl gloss pigments):
    800 ml, 2.0 litres


  • Capalac Effektlack Metallic:
    Gold, Silver approx. RAL 9006, Copper
  • Capalac Effektlack Perlglanz:
    Via ColorExpress (Capalac mix): RAL 1035 Perlbeige  (Pearl Beige), RAL 1036 Perlgold (Pearl Gold), RAL 2013 Perlorange (Pearl Orange), RAL 3032 Perlrubinrot (Pearl Ruby-Red), RAL 3033 Perlrosa (Pearl Rosy/Pink), RAL 4011 Perlviolett (Pearl Violet), RAL 4012 Perlbrombeer (Pearl Blackberry), RAL 5025 Perlenzian (Paerl Gentian), RAL 5026 Perlnachtblau (Pearl Midnight-Blue), RAL 6035 Perlgrün (Pearl Green), RAL 6036 Perlopalgrün (Pearl Opal Green), RAL 7048 Perlmausgrau (Pearl Mouse-Grey), RAL 8029 Perlkupfer (Pearl Copper), RAL 9022 Perlhellgrau (Pearl Light Grey), RAL 9023 Perldunkelgrau (Pearl Dark Grey)

    Colour Resistance according to BFS Data Sheet No. 26:
    Binder: Class B
    Pigmentation: Group 1 to 3 depending on the colour shade

Gloss Level

  • Capalac Effektlack Metallic Silver approx. RAL 9006:
    Gloss & silk-matt/semi-gloss (mid sheen)
  • Capalac Effektlack Metallic Gold, Copper:
  • Capalac Effektlack Perlglanz (pearl gloss/nacreous lustre):


Keep in a cool place.
Keep cans/containers always tightly closed..


Approx. 0.9–1.1 g/cm³ depending on the colour shade