Capacryl Haftprimer

Acrylic primer. Adhesion promoting, water-dilutable. For exterior and interior use.

Field of Application

For adhesion promoting priming coats on existing paint coatings, enamel coats, wood, zinc/galvanised surfaces, unplasticized (rigid) PVC, aluminium, copper and many other problematical substrates before applying acrylic or alkyd resin enamels. Do not use alkyd resin enamels on zinc/galvanised surfaces.

Material Properties

  • Water-dilutable.
  • Ecologically compatible.
  • Excellent adhesive strength (grip).
  • Fast-drying.
  • Diffusion-capable.
  • Easy to sand.
  • Suitable for use on children toys as per DIN EN 71-3

Material Base / Vehicle

Acrylic dispersion/emulsion.

Packaging/Package Size

  • 375 ml:
    White (Weiß)
  • 750 ml, 2,5 l:
    White (Weiß), Red-Brown (Rotbraun), Silver Grey (Silbergrau) approx. RAL 7001,
    Black (Schwarz) approx. RAL 9005
  • 10 l:
    White (Weiß), Red-Brown (Rotbraun), Black (Schwarz) approx. RAL 9005



White (Weiß), Red-Brown (Rotbraun), Silver Grey (Silbergrau) approx. RAL 7001, Black (Schwarz) approx. RAL 9005.

Tintable in various colour shades via ColorExpress.

When applying colours with low opacity, such as Red, Orange or Yellow, it is advisable to apply one priming coat using the matching colour shade of our Priming System. Priming System colours are available for Capacryl Haftprimer via the ColorExpress tinting technique.

Gloss Level

Matt (flat)


Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.
Shelf life of original, tightly closed can/container: 24 months.


Approx. 1.5 g/cm³