Capadecor® Metallocryl Interior

Glossy emulsion paint with metallic effect. For interior use.

Field of Application

Capadecor Metallocryl Interior is a glossy emulsion paint with special metallic pigments for use on interior wall surfaces. Particularly suitable for application on representative wall surfaces, e.g. shopping centres, office buildings, banks, insurance companies, railway stations, discotheques, etc.

Material Properties

  • Emission-minimised, solvent-free.
  • Meets the requirements of AgBB (Commission for the sanitary evaluation of building material).
  • Pronounced (strong) metallic effect.
  • Wet scrub resistance class 1 according to DIN EN 13300.
  • Fire protection classification according to German standard DIN 4102: A2 "nicht brennbar" (non-combustible). 
  • Resistant to aqueous disinfectants.

Material Base / Vehicle

Synthetic resin dispersion/emulsion according to German standard DIN 55945

Packaging/Package Size

2.5 litres, 5 litres and 10 litres


Metallic silver (approx. RAL 9006). Standard colour is comparable with Venato 45 MET. Capadecor Metallocryl Interior can be tinted via the ColorExpress tinting & mixing machine system in numerous colour shades: Metallic effect tints according to RAL, colours of the Caparol 3D System plus, existing Alucryl colours.

Other hues than standard colours of Capadecor Metallocryl Interior must be tinted via the ColorExpress system according to colour collection/scheme "CD-Metallocryl" in order to avoid hue errors (colour deviation). The same also applies to an intermediate coat of Amphibolin, tinted in a colour shade as scheduled.


Colour Schemes for Capadecor Metallocryl Interior:
Typical for the product

Silver nuances
Venato 10 MET
Venato 20 MET
Venato 30 MET
Venato 45 MET
Bronze nuances
Palazzo 155 MET
Palazzo 160 MET
Curcuma 10 MET
Mai 50 MET
Copper nuances
Rubin 25 MET
Papaya 65 MET
Amber 70 MET
Marill 50 MET
Gold nuances
Palazzo 245 MET
Palazzo 215 MET
Curcuma 45 MET
Melisse 35 MET
Iron nuances
Palazzo 125 MET
Marill 10 MET
Citrus 15 MET
Palazzo 5 MET

Colours in the Style of Caparol 3D System plus:

Amber 10 MET
Amber 45 MET
Amber 95 MET
Aprico 95 MET
Arctis 100 MET
Arctis 65 MET
Arctis 70 MET
Baccara 10 MET
Baccara 5 MET
Barolo 95 MET
Bordeaux 35 MET
Cameo 155 MET
Citrus 10 MET
Citrus 20 MET
Curry 35 MET
Curry 95 MET
Grenadin 95 MET
Jade 70 MET
Lago 45 MET
Lago 50 MET
Laser 10 MET
Lavendel 165 MET
Magma 35 MET
Magma 40 MET
Magma 50 MET
Magma 70 MET
Magma 75 MET
Mai 70 MET
Malachit 40 MET
Melisse 70 MET
Oase 5 MET
Oase 70 MET
Pacific 130 MET
Pacific 155 MET
Pacific 40 MET
Papaya 35 MET
Papaya 40 MET
Papaya 45 MET
Papaya 70 MET
Papaya 95 MET
Patina 45 MET
Patina 50 MET
Pinie 15 MET
Pink 25 MET
Pink 30 MET
Rose 105 MET
Rose 75 MET
Rose 95 MET
Rubin 5 MET
Saphir 5 MET
Siena 40 MET
Tundra 40 MET
Tundra 80 MET
Tundra 95 MET
Tundra 105 MET
Verona 130 MET
Verona 45 MET
Verona 80 MET
Viola 80 MET
Viola 110 MET

The colours of Capadecor Metallocryl Interior have been formulated in the style of Caparol 3D System plus, but may vary slightly as compared with original colours, due to their metallic character. Therefore a binding conformity cannot be guaranteed.
The metallic effect of colour shades is highly influenced by the perspective of viewers and by the type of illuminant, intensity and angle of entry. Therefore a trial application (coating a test area) on site is advisable.
In addition to the scheme diverse standard metallic effect colours are available, e.g. RAL and existing Alucryl nuances.

Gloss Level

Gloss (according to classification DIN EN 13300)


Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.

Technical Data


Approx. 1.0 g/cm³

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