Capatect Putzabschlussprofil 661

Plastic profile for plaster area limitations with gauge and reinforcing fabric strip

Field of Application

For clean lateral zoning of renders and grouts to achieve clean side boundary within smooth and textured render. Also as accurate stripline for color changes within a render area.

Material Properties

■ Perforated plastic angle with gauge
■ Fabric stripe based on Capatect-Gewebe 650 (identic quality - no mismatch)
■ UV-resistant
■ Clean zoning
■ Resistant to aging
■ Simple processing


Horizontal without applied loads, protected from direct sunlight

Packaging/Package Size

Carton containing 25 units of 2.5 m lengths; in total 62.5 m.

Technical Data

■ Profile width 24 mm
■ Gauge height 5 mm
■ Profil length 2.50 m
■ Width of fabric strip about 130 mm