Color World 2

THE CALM - A PLACE TO Breathe deeply

The demands on modern living have increased: Home office and home schooling bring new aspects - demand space and peace. Our color world 2 serves these needs like no other, refreshingly calm, with many opportunities to breathe deeply and breathe. Here the tones are strikingly close together and it is precisely these subtle combinations that are tempting: Trendy DUNE BEIGE Palazzo 110 looks tone-on-tone with further beige and greige nuances - wonderfully relaxed. Many natural materials, such as untreated wood, linen, clay and stone, support this calm mood. And so that it remains a bit exciting despite all the harmony, interesting structures provide variety; especially the coarse, broken, knitted fabrics come into their own in this fine world of colors. The new surfaces also show a lot of structure: inspired by hemp and linen, noticeably idiosyncratic, but without pushing themselves into the foreground.


A hero of our calm, light color world 2 and color of the year at the same time: the simple, clear DUNE BEIGE Palazzo 110. Fresh and airy like a day at the North Sea - it leaves space for what is really important. Open to new things, but close to nature, completely honest and pure. Here the balance succeeds: at the same time secure and free.

The MoodBoard for Color World 2