As regards the actual guestrooms, established standards are also vanishing. On the one hand, the trend is towards very small rooms which only serve for accommodation, while other room formats act as bedroom and workroom. Flexible furnishings and variable layouts support this multiple usage. New equipment features are in demand, such as mini-kitchens, sufficiently dimensioned workplaces including infrastructure or even conference tables. In the future, there will be no standard rooms anymore, but different concepts the guest books in accordance with actual requirements. The same applies to additional services, which support the guest and raise the hotel’s profile.

Walls to feel at ease with

Special care should be exercised in places where the guest rests his head. So that guestrooms always look as if they have been freshly renovated for the individual guest, Caparol offers easy-to-clean products which maintain their flawless appearance for a long time. This includes, for example, wallpaper-like fleece covers, which combine high robustness with attractive patterns and can be individually coated – with high-quality wall paints in almost any colour nuance or with representative gloss respectively metallic effects. Two component special enamels, in turn, brave problematic zones such as doors or doorframes for long periods of intensive use.


The universal paints based on pure acrylate for a wide range of uses around the house

  • Strong adhesion on many surfaces
  • High light index
  • Resistant to disinfectants
  • Emission-minimized and solvent-free
  • Driving rain-proof, water-repellent

Capalac Aqua 2K PU-Lack

Exquisite paint finish for frequently used building material surfaces

  • Two-component aqua-acrylicpolyurethane varnish
  • Low-odour and block-resistant
  • Weather-resistant, for indoor and outdoor use
  • High scratch and impact resistance
  • Resistant against chemicals, disinfectants, hand perspiration