In the future, there will be no non-designed areas – here, too, an integrated approach is the key to success..

Chic lobby, chic guestrooms – but what about the areas in-between? Corridors, staircases, transition zones or the underground car park, also called circulation zones, frequently radiate the doubtful charm of pure functionality, appear empty, monotonous, emotionless. Nonetheless, they also have a determining influence on the character of a hotel, and every guest has to pass through these transition zones – and thus notices whether the hotel concept was actually conceived on an integrated basis. Circulation areas should definitely not look like such but take up the hotel’s target-group-oriented design concept and round off the overall appearance. Of course, this also involves orientation – the larger a hotel, the more important are elements which tell the guest that he is walking in the right direction. With regard to older guests as well as the demographic development of the society, visual accessibility should be a matter of course – for example through the specific use of stronger contrasts.

Extension of renovation cycles

A good impression is important – but at the same time, it is always endangered. For example, if the guest comes upon neglected-looking circulation areas. This can be easily avoided if materials are used which simply swallow signs of usages. Being aware of these requirements, Caparol provides products which extend renovation cycles and are easy to process and maintain. Furthermore, Caparol products facilitate seamless application on surfaces in unfavourable lighting conditions (grazing light), improve light conditions or convey the impression of a recently implemented redesign even in highly frequented areas.

Optimised coating for areas with extremely unfavourable lighting conditions (grazing light)
• Abrasion-resistant, mineral matt surface
• Minimum emission and solvent-free
• Excellent workability
• Optimally repairable
• Free from fogging-active substances

Disbopur 458 PU-AquaSiegel
Robust extra protection for heavily used walls
• Matt, transparent polyurethane sealing
• Increases the scratch resistance of coatings
• TÜV-tested absence of pollutants
• Extended renovation intervals

Disbocret 530 OS Reflect
Protective coating with high light reflectance
• Lets scarcely illuminated rooms appear brighter
• Semi-matt surface
• Contains pigments with photocatalytic effect
• Easy to clean and alkali-resistant