Enamels – Simply perfect

Highest professional quality with unsurpassed colour variety

Solvent-based enamels

Alkyd-resin enamels have proven their worth and have become widely accepted as the successor the traditional oil varnish. Caparol has been developing and optimising its solvent-base enamels since the early 1990 in order to meet the very highest processing and quality demands. All products comply with the VOC-Decopaint guideline.

With the Capalac brand professionals opt for a solvent-based product range with a wide variety of convincing advantages. Benefit from the classic painter's enamel, its broad diversity and many fields of application!

  • High covering power
  • Optimum flow
  • High fullness
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent application properties
  • High durability
  • Optimum moisture resistance



Water-soluble enamels

The professional range of water-soluble enamels was developed by Caparol in the seventies and has been continuously optimised in terms of performance, covering power and application properties.

Water-soluble enamels are increasingly gaining market share. A generally increasing awareness for environmentally friendly and non-hazardous products and the legislation that this has brought about is consistently driving this development


  • Low odour
  • Good covering power
  • Block resistant
  • High weather-resistance
  • High scratch and impact resistance
  • Smooth application
  • No conversion of application methods required