The new Dalmatiner S-Class

Super-slim. Super-reliable. Super-efficient.

The new Dalmatian breed has got what it takes: The Dalmatiner S-Class has arrived. Take advantage of an evolutionary leap in the development of Dalmatiner insulation boards. Through the combination of the high-insulation polyurethane core and the Dalmatiner surface on both sides, a high-performance insulation board has been developed with which Caparol is raising the bar in facade insulation. Irrespective of whether working properties, insulating performance, system reliability or building physics is involved – the Dalmatiner S-Class scores on all fronts.

Dalmatiner S 024 facade insulation board

  • Super-slim:
    Comply with EnEv with insulation only 10 cm thick
  • Super-reliable:
    Reliable application, reliable process
  • Super-efficient:
    Save energy with over 30% more insulating performance

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No more than that: With a lambda of 0.024 W/mK the Dalmatiner-Fassadendämmplatte S 024 insulation board fulfils the strict stipulations of the relevant energy-saving regulation EnEv 2009 with only 10 cm thickness. The slimline wall structure facilitates attractive designs while providing full insulating performance.