Reinforcing filler/spreader for ETICS: The unbeatable one

See the unbeatable quality of CarbonSpachtel yourself, because this reinforcing filler for thermal insulation composite systems withstands mechanical and thermal stresses to which facades are subjected day by day.

Through the use of carbon fibres the benchmark in terms of robustness of ETICS is being redefined. Typical facade stresses such as hefty football shots, kicks from vandals or cycles left negligently supported are safely tolerated without damage. The unbeatable one even withstands impact energies of 20 joules: a 1 kg steel ball which impacts from a heigh of 2 metres onto a CarbonSpachtel surface does not inflict any damage.

The CarbonSpachtel is part of the highly proven carbon technology in the thermal insulation composite system from Caparol. Whether reinforcing, insulation board, render or final coating: all components come from one source and are carefully matched together. The recognised high quality of all system components represents long-lasting facade protection and gives a high level of product reliability.


  • Carbon-fibre reinforced
  • High impact resistance
  • Increased crack-stretch properties
  • Excellent in application
  • Low stress
  • Weather-resistant

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